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Our night owl, Laurie Spillman, attends to your calls so you can get some rest! Laurie is our 3rd Shift Towing Supervisor who has a smile in her voice regardless of the hour.

Towing Terminology – ETA's, GOA's, winchouts, car releases? We speak your language so there's no communication gap.

Auto Clubs – Experience with all major motor clubs. We know what information is required and have special message formats for each club.

Detailed Rate Quotes – We calculate the type of job, type of equipment and en route miles for specific quotes.

What we do.

Motorist Call Answering – Courteous live dispatchers use modern equipment to greet callers, gather the right information, and get help on location quickly and accurately.

24/7 Live Operator – Don't lose jobs because your drivers can't answer the phone. Our dispatchers offer the same professional service – day or night.

Equipment Knowledge – We know the difference between a flatbed and a wrecker. Heavy duty, medium, or light duty? We'll get the right equipment on the scene to help you get the tow completed.

Police Calls – Our experienced dispatchers take rapid fire requests from state and local police officers without any hold time.

Municipal Towing Rotation – We can manage participation in towing rotations so you get more jobs and remain eligible for future jobs.

Fast & accurate dispatching  •  Auto club expertise  •  Towing rotation  •  Police calls  •  Rate quotes  •  24/7